Leadership Development

Leadership Development (Equity)

Leading with Intention for Future Endeavor (L.I.F.E.) is a holistic strength based development program that incorporates spiritual affirmation, knowledge of self and the history and current state of Charlotte to teach life skills that can be effectively applied in their communities.
  • African Studies
  • Strength based Leadership
  • Communication & Conflict Mediation
  • Charlotte: Past, Present and Future

Horticultural Training & Therapy (Environmental)

Seeds of Wellness (S.O.W.) is a program that focuses on cultivating foods from seed to sale that are linked to improving the health outcomes in our community. The young men will learn how their wellbeing is connected to plant cultivation and communing with nature.
It will teach them how eating organic vegetables improves their overall mental, physical, and spiritual health.
Horticultural Training & Therapy
Apprenticeship to Socialpreneur

Apprentice to Socialpreneur (Economic)

Returning Engaged Determined Enlightened and Empowered Men (R.E.D.E.E.M.) offers accelerated vocational career training in high demand industries with critical shortages i.e. property preservation and management, transportation, and construction.
In partnership with Ex.C.E.L.L. Community Development Corp (CDC) we provide support services to small and minority-owned businesses during the apprenticeship.

Community Partners & Affiliates

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